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Valentine Travel Express since 2005
Destination Wedding Specialist Agency

 (972) 201-5351

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Feeling a bit overwhelmed?
Spending hours browsing destinations?
Resorts starting to all look the same?

​Yeah, we know. We hear this all the time. Yes, there's a lot to consider, but we promise you, after just one call with our destination wedding experts, your fears will all turn into excitement because... you're having a destination wedding!



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1. Every couple wants an incredible experience. This means a beautiful beach, delicious food, cold drinks,  and impeccable service.   You want that wow-factor for your guests.
​2. Couples want all of these things and more at an affordable price, not only for them, but almost more importantly, for your guests, too.  Keeping costs reasonable is very important.
​3. And, couples want  to trust their destination wedding  to someone they can count on to make sure everything goes smoothly and seamlessly.  You want the guidance and reassurance of an expert.


All too often, couples spend a ton of time typing "destination wedding" into a search engine only to end up more confused and overwhelmed than before they started. All the resorts start looking alike. It happens all the time! What couples don't always know is how valuable and essential a good destination wedding travel agent is to them. Instead of spending countless hours googling, grab a coffee and spend 30-60 minutes on the phone with a REAL wedding expert. Here's what you can expect:


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We ask a lot of questions that help us create a custom list of destinations and resorts we believe would make a perfect fit for your destination wedding.


We know how to estimate travel costs, wedding expenses, guest budgets and set up deposits and payment plans.


We negotiate the group room contract, ensuring that you get the most perks, promos and amenities (aka “freebies!”) for your wedding group.


We nurture our relationships with the resort wedding and management teams, allowing you to take advantage of our partnerships.


We do destination weddings! That’s it! You have our undivided attention and full commitment.


We charge no service fees! Zip, nada, zero. We are a travel agency and we get paid based on what we sell, so providing an excellent experience is a win/win for all.


Let's face it. Who spends 8+ hours a day, 5+ days a week planning destination weddingsWE DO! Who gets to travel to all the resorts to test them out, making sure they are up to our standards for a wedding? US! Who knows the resort brands and can easily compare packages, promos and inclusions? YEP, RIGHT HERE!

So let us ask you... why wouldn't you want a destination wedding travel agent on your side? Don't skip this essential first step to planning your wedding. Stop typing "destination wedding" into the search box, and instead, sign up below and we'll introduce you to the expert who is going to make your destination wedding dreams come true. You've got nothing to lose, and an easy, affordable destination wedding to gain.